Author: Alimohamadi, M.
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Quantum Statistical Properties of Free Electron Laser With a Planar Wiggler and Ion-Channel Guiding  
  • M. Alimohamadi
    Farhangian University, Tehran, Iran
  Funding: [4] A. Bambini and A. Renieri. Lett. Nuovo Cimento 21, 399 (1978). [5] F. Ciocci, G. Dattoli, A. Renieri and A. Torre, Physics Reports, 141(1), 1-50(1986).
An analysis of the free-electron lasers (FELs) with a planar wiggler and in the presence of ion-channel guiding, has been carried out using a Hamiltonian quantum field theory. The quantum Hamiltonian of single a particle has been derived in the Bambini-Renieri (BR) frame [1-5]. The equations are valid in a reference frame, moving with a relativistic velocity with respect to the laboratory frame, chosen in such a way that the carrier frequency of the pulse equals the pseudoradiation (wiggler) field frequency. In this reference frame, the equations assume a simple non-relativistic form. Time-dependent wave function and three constants of motion are obtained. The Wei-Norman [2] Lie algebraic approach has been employed to solve exactly the spherical Raman-Nath equation (SRNE) [3-5]. A quantum approach has been used to get photon gain, photon statistics and squeezing properties of a FEL. The quantum statistical properties have also been studied numerically.
[1]H. Mehdian, M. Alimohamadi, etal, J.Plasma. Phys. 78 (5), 537-544(2012). [2] J. Wei, E. Norman, J. Math. Phys. A 4,575 (1963).[3] M. Alimohamadi, et al, J. Fus. Energy 31 (5), 463-466(2012).
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