Author: Ge, L.
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Advances in Accelerator Modeling with Parallel Multi-Physics Code Suite ACE3P  
  • L. Xiao, L. Ge, Z. Li, C.-K. Ng
    SLAC, Menlo Park, California, USA
  ACE3P is a comprehensive set of parallel finite-element codes for multi-physics modeling of accelerator structures including integrated electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical effects. Recent advances of ACE3P have been focused on the development of multi-physics modeling capabilities, implementation of advanced numerical algorithms, and improvement of code performance on state-of-the-art high-performance computing (HPC) platforms for large-scale accelerator applications. A nonlinear eigensolver using the CORK algorithm [1] has been implemented in the eigensolver module Omega3P to enable accurate determination of damping factors of resonant modes above the beampipe cutoff frequency. It has enabled the first-ever direct calculation of trapped modes in the TESLA TTF cryomodules, providing reliable damping factors that were validated against measurements. A newly developed mechanical eigensolver in the multi-physics module TEM3P has allowed the determination of mechanical modes in Fermilab PIP-II high beta 650 MHz cryomodule, demonstrating mode coupling between the 6 cavities in the cryomodule. To exploit multi-core computer architectures on supercomputers, a hybrid MPI+OpenMP parallel programing has been developed in the particle tracking module Track3P to speed up dark current simulation in multiple cavities for the LCLS-II linac. Highlights of these developments and their impacts on accelerator modeling using HPC will be presented.
[1] R. Van Beeuman, Invited talk, this conference.
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